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Share some Dell Certification DSDSC-200 exam questions and answers below.
A zone must include at least one target and at least one initiator.
How many targets and initiators should each zone include according to recommended best practice?
A. single initiator; multiple target
B.single initiator; single target
C. multiple initiator; multiple target
D. multiple initiator; single target
Answer: A

An engineer needs to install an SC8000 with four FC ports in each controller and two FC switches set upin a dual fabric. Each controller also has two10 Gb iSCSI ports. All iSCSI ports are connected to anethernet switch. The system uses virtual ports.
How many fault domains are required?
A. 3
B. 5
C. 4
D. 2
Answer: C

An engineer has several servers connected to the Storage Center through two FC fabrics. The StorageCenter runs in Virtual Ports mode. The engineer needs to create zones based on World Wide Names(WWN).
Which WWNs from the Storage Center need to be included in the zone with the server WWN?
A. only the Primary WWNs
B. only the Virtual WWNs
C. both the Primary and Reserve WWNs
D. both the Virtual and Physical WWNs
Answer: B

A storage array is configured with four front-end ports on each controller (in a dual-controller configuration) for server connectivity. The storage array runs in Legacy Port mode. An engineer needs toprovide multi-pathed (2 fabrics) connectivity from the storage array to the server.
What is the minimum number of fault domains required?
A. 8
B. 2
C. 4
D. 6
Answer: B

A customer has iSCSI servers that occasionally perform poorly. The performance issues on a particularserver occur during temporary traffic spikes to that server. Logs show that the number of dropped packetsincreases during the traffic spike. In normal traffic conditions, performance is acceptable.
What are iSCSI best practices to fix this problem?
A. make sure that switches used for iSCSI are non-blocking switches
B. disable storm control
C. enablejumbo frames end-to-end
D. enable bi-directional flow control
Answer: D

There are several servers connected to the Storage Center through Fibre Channel (FC) fabrics using WWN zoning. The engineer has recently replaced a server’s FC HB. This server can no longer connect to the Storage Center. What is causing the problem?
A. The Storage Center’s Fault Domains must be updated with the new HBA WWN
B. The server’s zone must be updated with the new switch port to which the HBA is connected
C. The Storage Center Fault Domains must be converted to Virtual Port mode
D. The server’s zone must be updated with the new HBA’s WWN.
Answer: D

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