Cisco 820-424 exam answers

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Share some Cisco Business Value Specialist 820-424 exam questions and answers below.
Which option is the recommended approach to gain access to additional key stakeholders within the customer organization?

A. Approach the stakeholder through their gatekeeper

B. Approach the stakeholder direct

C. External referral from a C level executive

D. Internal referral from an existing contact

Answer: D

Which option describes Step 2 of Cisco’s outcome-based sales approach?

A. Get a lead, find a customer who may be interested

B. Assemble your sales team and determine your objectives

C. Gather what you know about the customer

D. Meet with your customer to uncover, validate and help them prioritize their business careabouts

Answer: C

Which two options are examples of external sources of information about a customer organization? (Choose two.)

A. An annual report and accounts on the customer’s web site

B. An interview of the customer’s CFO published on

C. An internal briefing from your company’s customer account manager

D. A Gartner Magic Quadrant for the customer’s industry

E. A corporate organization chart provided by the customer’s HR department

Answer: B,D

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